Our Journey

(Previously known as the ‘Domestic Abuse Counselling Service’)

Founded in 2006 by our Chief Officer, Kate Farmer.

Inspired by her professional background as a counselling therapist, working with crisis support and as a domestic violence multi-agency trainer & leader in project development –

Our charity began with a dedicated group of volunteer counsellors and a passionate board of Trustees.

Together, we combined a professional team that possessed a wealth of experience and knowledge from crisis support, social care, health, education, expert legal advice and counselling.

Together we built a service that provides ‘common sense therapeutic intervention’, delivering our counselling & support services throughout the county of Warwickshire, working with victims, perpetrators, teenagers/young people, and younger children,

Valuable to our community – independently funded

With a pioneering spirit and steadfast passion to help those disadvantaged in our community, we began to develop therapeutic programmes for the wider issues our service users suffered that impacted on their personal wellbeing and family life.

Services for children and young people was a natural progression and from our good reputation we attracted wonderful therapists who helped us to develop programmes and projects for children and young people.

Led by our founder, we developed a special interest in those suffering relationship breakdown and significant lack of emotional and practical support while caring for a loved one with special needs/learning disability.

With a pioneering & passionate spirit

From listening to and caring for the needs of our service users

In July 2018 we changed our charity legal name to ‘INSIGHT’ Counselling Coaching & Support Services (INSIGHT CCSS)

We made this change from evaluating our journey, and realised that from our vast experience of delivering quality counselling services to families suffering from domestic abuse, we had also supported our service users with many other additional issues, adapting and developing therapeutic programmes to make our service to them uniquely beneficial to their individual’s needs.
In recent years we have developed therapeutic programmes for those suffering from learning difficulty, Autism, Asperger’s, along with providing therapeutic support for couples/parents of children with special needs, impacted by relationship breakdown.

Our new charity name INSIGHT CCSS now reflects that we have grown, and we have widened our area of work, allowing us to help more people in our society in wider more varied areas of therapeutic need.

DACS remains a valuable established service, that we proudly provide to our community, as a service provided by our charity INSIGHT CCSS